The WIOSNA Association actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The WIOSNA Association actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kind Words – Helpline for Senior Citizens
+ 48 12 333 70 88

More lonely and more excluded. How to address the anxiety and fear of elderly people? Italy started organising psychotherapy intervention sessions at pharmacies. Several hundred counselling points are planned to be open in the Venice area alone. In Poland, the Noble Gift organisation launches “Kind Words – Helpline for Senior Citizens” which elderly people may call to find out they are not alone. And they will receive support from professionals and volunteers.

While basic needs of senior citizens such as provision of food and medicines have been largely met by the volunteers of the Noble Gift organization and a number of other civic initiatives, the need for social interaction and bonding has become even more compelling nowadays. Anxiety and fear of people who are on their own need to be addressed urgently.

When most of us may shift to living our social life online, elderly people are left on their own. We share our daily activities, chat and interact with others on the Web. Elderly residents cannot do it because they do not use technology. They end up feeling even more lonely and excluded. They are scared by the news about them being the vulnerable group, advised against going out or receiving guests. Elderly people in hospitals, sometimes terminally sick, are another group of interest, now deprived of the right to be visited. Doctors and nurses have even less time for them than before.

This gave us the idea to launch Kind Words – Helpline for Senior Citizens which elderly people can call and find out they are not alone.

It is important that elderly people find out about the Helpline. The Noble Gift encourages everyone to tell their friends and neighbours about our initiative. Let elderly and lonely people know someone is there for them. Everyone providing financial support to the initiative helps the people for whom it is created. More details on