The WIOSNA Association actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The WIOSNA Association actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Inspiration Week for children and parents underway at Academy of the Future. Take advantage of proposed educational activities.

Academy of the Future cares for its little charges and, for that matter, all children at school age who stay at home due to a compulsory isolation order. This is why it launched a special educational platform with ideas for spending quality time with children. The platform publishes weekly schedules with a variety of activities which could be used to supplement the school curriculum recommended by the Ministry of Education.

Light, diverse and interactive form of activities helps children learn with pleasure and gives parents assurance that closed schools and confinement to home will not adversely affect their children’s development. Ready-made schedules for each day of the week are full of enriching and supportive activities for both children and parents. It is a good idea to spend the time at home together. Just go to

Examples of inspirations

Ready-made inspirational resources are developed on the basis of the most interesting educational content available online and beyond, ranging from materials made accessible by Kopernik Science Center, to free books online and virtual walks around the most fascinating museums in the world. All this in one place and broken down into activities for each day of the week. In the week of its launch, the Inspiration Week offered a virtual trip to Amsterdam, circus workshops and a course in construction of nothing else than space rockets! Parents may use the content to strengthen their relationship with the child as part of the campaign #bądźmyuważni (#letsbeattentive) launched by Librus or go to a virtual concert to the Wrocław Philharmonic, among other things.

Children may become weary due to remote schooling and the lack of physical activity and meetings with peers. In addition to our concerns about children, we also think about their parents, right now busy trying to juggle between their job and children, looking for attractive ways of spending time for their young ones”, says Katarzyna Dyka-Janusz, Operations Manager at Academy of the Future. “We responded to that and want to support both children and parents, drawing from the Academy’s experience and expertise. In the coming weeks, we want to be the cornucopia of inspirations, presenting the most interesting and valuable content on a single website.  

For more inspirations, go to

Use the resources of the Academy of the Future. We have been shaping children’s experiences and development for years

Academy of the Future is a programme twinned with the Noble Gift initiative. It is an innovative educational scheme for children at school age, struggling with learning and other difficulties. Each little student of the Academy meets with his or her own tutor who helps the child discover their own potential and build self-confidence. Academy of the Future has a long-standing experience with working with children and knows how to develop through engagement. This gave us the idea of developing an educational platform with weekly, carefully selected inspirations.

Closing down conventional educational facilities does not necessarily have to adversely affect the development of school-age children. All it takes is to use varied and attractive curriculums of free-time activities to keep children motivated for further development and gaining new knowledge. This will also help parents protect their own mental and physical health. This is not an easy time but the facilitators of the Academy of the Future do their best to make your life easier.

Use ready-made inspiration tools to work with your child – every day of the week